Rovio elects new chairman Mika Ihamuotila

Rovio elects new chairman Mika Ihamuotila
Sean Cleaver

By Sean Cleaver

June 2nd 2017 at 1:48PM

Kaj Head steps down after nearly a decade in charge of the Angry Birds creator

Mike Ihamuotila has replaced Kaj Head as the chairman of Rovio.

Following their annual general meeting, Rovio's encumbant chairman, Head, stepped down and Ihamuotila was elected as successor. Head had been in the role since 2008, overseeing Rovio's large expansion of franchises and the company's growth in to other entertainment mediums.

"The company is now in a new growth phase after a challenging period," said Head in a statement. "And I felt that this is a good time to hand over the responsibility to a new Chairman. Mika Ihamuotila has been a member of the Board for four years and knows the company very well. I’m fully confident in his ability to steer Rovio successfully."

Ihamuotila has been on the board since 2013 and has a history in the banking industry, previously as CEO of Sampo Bank Plc and Mandatum Bank Plc.

“I am more than excited about my new role as the Chairman of Rovio, Ihamuotila said. "I have had the opportunity to build Rovio’s future as a Board member since 2013. Rovio is a great company with strong and profitable growth last year. It is a privilege to take part in writing Rovio’s success story in the future.”