Recruiter Hot Seat: Creative Assembly

Recruiter Hot Seat: Creative Assembly
Marie Dealessandri

By Marie Dealessandri

March 28th 2017 at 2:27PM

Creative Assembly’s talent manager Emma Smith, recruitment coordinator Joanna Green and recruitment resourcer Luke Johnson tell Develop what it’s like to work for the Total War devs

What differentiates your studio from other developers?

Emma Smith: Here at Creative Assembly we have a rich and well- established heritage and we take great pride in celebrating the work developed by our award-winning team. We are proud to be part of the SEGA group, we have their full support and have also achieved a balance that ensures we maintain both creative and operational independence.

We are dedicated to nurturing our world-class team and have good routes for trainee development. We encourage a collaborative approach to recruitment from across the business to ensure the whole team is on the lookout for new talent who might make a good fit for the studio.

Luke Johnson: Alongside the renowned Total War franchise, which continues to amass awards, and the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation, we are thrilled to be working with Microsoft and 343 Industries on Halo Wars 2. The fact that our studio is home to such successful titles and works with prestigious partners, makes it a very exciting place to be – but also a stable place to be with a clear role for us within the industry.

Joanna Green: We have a passion for education and work with our team to deliver a programme of educational outreach, detailing the wide variety of career opportunities which exist in the industry and supplying speakers who provide insights into the more specialist aspects of our business.

We have carried out a wide range of educational activities including motion capture ‘experience’ days and mini game jams for schools, as well as collaborating with some of the Coder Dojos in Horsham and Brighton. By getting involved at the early stages of education, we can inspire children and young adults to recognise their creative potential and ability to innovate, using computer games as a medium.

What advice would you give for a successful interview at your studio?

ES: Make sure that your CV and skill set clearly match the job description. What makes a real difference is a demonstration of how the candidate has passion for their craft and strives tirelessly to ensure quality throughout their work. 

LJ: We always admire candidates who are able to learn from the feedback that is given during the recruitment process, put this into practice and then contact us at a later date to discuss another opportunity, having demonstrated a step-change in their approach. 

What perks are available to people working at your studio?

LJ: Creative Assembly is home to state-of-the-art facilities, with our own mo-cap studio and in-house audio facilities. We offer a robust training package, including leadership bootcamps and prestigious creative workshops with world-renowned experts to inspire and develop our team. We also offer a whole host of other benefits, including our extremely popular ‘Ice Cream Wednesdays’ and on-site sports massage. 

Do you recruit internationally?

JG: Our search for new talent extends far beyond the UK – we take pride in the fact that our growing team is diverse, multi-cultural and multi-national. We don’t limit ourselves to geographical boundaries. We can include support for visa processes, relocation packages and wider support such as what the local community is like, transport links, setting up bank accounts, accommodation and more.

How have your recruitment needs changed at the studio?

ES: The recruitment function here has undergone a lot of positive change over recent months and we are pleased to be taking a fresh look at our processes to ensure recruitment is even stronger in the future. With a team of well over 400 employees, which is still growing to meet the demands of our portfolio, our recruiting methods need to be agile to ensure our team remains at the top of its game.

Why should developers join your studio instead of going indie?

ES: Creative Assembly offers the stability of a well-established studio, with a long-standing award-winning portfolio, supported by SEGA’s stature, whilst retaining a great deal of independence. There are ample opportunities to be creative and innovative, while still seeing on a daily basis the direct impact of their work on world-renowned games. 

Creative Assembly

Location: Horsham (UK)

Hiring: Around thirty open vacancies across a few projects. Current open roles include opportunities in audio, VFX and animation, level designers and experienced developers in general.

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