Sean Cleaver

Job Title Deputy Editor


Phone +44 (0) 203 871 7384

Sean has been a freelance writer for the past five years specialising in video games journalism. As well as editing blog sites including TheGameJar and InsertDisc, he developed a freelance career writing for VICE, PC Gamer, Gamespot, Interational Business Times and Trusted Reviews.

Sean has been a video gamer since a young age. From programming games in to his Spectrum +2 from a guide book (which will probably give away his age) to updating 3DFX drivers on a PC and jumping in to VR with a PlayStation, he has a working knowledge of over three decades of video gaming.

As Deputy Editor at Develop, he hopes to expand his own horizons and understanding of the games industry, the tools it uses and the processes behind the multimedia juggernaut that it has become.

Sean also fancies himself as a bit of a chef but is too cowardly to apply for MasterChef. He will often be found watching food television, baking bread or, on rare occasions, sampling the finest in craft brewing. You can find him on twitter @cleaverslips.

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